Connecting to PCLOS-Talk using Pidgin setting up PCLOSTalk and Pidgin

Open Pidgin Messenger from your main menu. Go to Accounts -> Manage Accounts -> Add. A new window will open now. Select XMPP in the Protocol drop-down list. Enter your PCLOS-Talk user name, password and domain name ( The click the "ADD" button in the bottom left corner.

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Add your buddies by clicking on the Buddies tab. In the drop down window select "Add Buddy".

If you do not know your buddy's username then select the "Accounts" tab. In the drop down window right click on your username and select "Search for Users". In the dialog box click on the "Search Directory" button. In the Advanced User Search Window. enter a "*" (astrick) in the search box and click the "OK" button. You will then see a listing of all the users on the system. Highlight your buddy and click on the "Add" button. You have now added your buddy to your buddies list.

That's it, start chatting with your friends!

Note: if you are seeing an error about being "Unable to validate certificate" please use the following steps.

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Right click on the link below and save the certificate file to your hard drive:

In Pidgin click on Tools -> Certificates -> Add
Select the file pclosusers.cert
Leave the host name the same
Click OK

Now your ready to start chatting with all your PCLOS friends!